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The amazing bathroom set

GMlife has put together all the accessories you need to give your skin complete care, from head to toe! Our set includes a silicone body scrubber, a scalp massager, and a puffy bath sponge, for a deep cleansing and exfoliation session.

Our head massager is everything you need after a long day. This accessory has a new design, that allows an easier and more comfortable grip. Also, it is equipped with soft bristles that have an amazing massaging effect, helping you to relax.

Our shower back scrubber has a textured design, with soft bristles on both sides, that provide effective exfoliation and a relaxing massage. Also, it may help in stimulating circulation and removing dead or hard skin.

This soft and puffy bath sponge offers your skin gentle exfoliation and deep cleansing. It creates a rich foam and may help remove impurities, dirt, and dead skin cells, leaving your skin silky-smooth and radiant.


At GMlife, we acknowledge the importance of using only top-quality and safe products for your skin. For this reason, our bath products are made with soft, skin-friendly silicone, which is very gentle to the skin and moisture-resistant, preventing the risk of spreading threatening particles.

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